Full Crown Securing Clasps – Keep Full Crown in Place


*AMAZING Crown Solutions – Keep your full crown in place.

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Set includes 2 clips

*AMAZING Crown Solutions – Keep your full crown in place.

Convenient, easy to use clips for your crown will keep your full crown securely attached to your hair.

Easy to Use Instructions: Attach lobster clasps to inner bobby pin loops on the base of a full crown.

One clip on each side of the crown will secure the crown to the hair for crowns weighing 6 oz or less.

Use 4 clips to secure a crown weighing more than 6 oz. DO NOT use clips for a crown weighing more than 12 oz.

*Fold the clip beneath the base of the crown, open the hair clip, gather a generous amount or hair in the clip to provide a sturdy attachment. Do not pull hair through the clip. Close the clip and repeat the process on the opposite side.

Smooth hair on either side of the clips over the clip to conceal.

Not intended for use on children or those with sparse/fine hair


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